EHR Technology to Empower and Support Decisions

ehr.NXT® is a next generation electronic health record (EHR) solution - a complete suite of clinical and administrative functions implemented in the latest secure software technology. ehr.NXT® is designed to support healthcare providers delivering care in today’s digital world. ehr.NXT® technology supports the newest levels of clinical collaboration, patient engagement and empowerment, analytics, and decision support. Providers and clinicians can use ehr.NXT® across all healthcare settings, securely sharing practical data with patients, other providers and health information exchanges. 


Modern, Open & INteroperable

Delivers a full suite of inpatient and ambulatory services on a modern, open, and interoperable system.


Uses embedded workflow and rule engines to create flexible, optimized workflows.

DATA Visualization

Improves productivity through better data visualization and streamlined presentation of data trends


Offers robust analytics using real-time decision making to provide fast, reliable, and practical analysis and tracking for clinical and public health needs.


Provides a fully-secure, cloud-hosted solution supporting flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing models.