A PHR for Individuals and Families

HealthCenter® is an online Personal Health Record manager that helps individuals gather and use all of their health information. Using HealthCenter®, people can easily collect data from doctors, hospitals, and labs, add data of their own, communicate securely with providers, and use all of the information to manage to their health.


SECURE MEssaging

Exchange secure messages between doctors and patients

Educational Health Materials

Provide easy access to educational health information and materials

Prescription Refills

Allow patients to request prescription drug refills online

Activity Tracker Integration

Integrate popular activity trackers and health devices to improve wellness

Health metrics

Track patients' health metrics over time with easy-to-understand graphs and visuals


Schedule health appointments online

Populate Patient Health Files

Auto-populate patients' health files on their health dashboard

Population Health Analytics

Access powerful population health analytics to identify patient populations in need of medical guidance and support