MedicaSoft's HISP Services

Secure Messaging using the Direct Protocol is an important method for the safe and secure exchange of health information. The ability to send authenticated, encrypted health information to known, trusted recipients gives providers, payers, and patients the ability to send and receive health information as part of care coordination, patient engagement, and other interactions that improve health outcomes and efficiency. Direct Secure Messaging provides a secure, scalable, and standards-based method for the exchange fo all Protected Health Information (PHI). 



MedicaSoft is a an accredited DirectTrust member and participates in the DirectTrust bundle, maintaining interoperability with dozens of secure messaging systems.

OUR HISP SErvices Provide:

  • Meaningful Use compliance
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 transitions of care objectives
  • End-to-end management of digital certificates supporting Direct Secure Messaging security
  • Issue and management of Direct addresses for your organization
  • A provider directory
  • A secure cloud implementation backed by trust community standards, policies & procedures
  • The ability to support high volumes of Secure Messaging
  • Standards-based interfaces that easily integrate with EHRs, patient portals, and other healthcare applications