MedicaSoft creates modern, open, cost-effective, easy to implement and use,             HL7® FHIR®-based software products that connect users with data to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. With decades of experience delivering solutions to commercial and federal government clients, our team will help you succeed. 


"In healthcare, plenty of data exists. The question is: Can we use it to bring the right information to the right person at exactly the right time in the overall decision making process? At MedicaSoft, we build products that help our customers answer that question to deliver and support quality healthcare."

– Mike O'Neill, MedicaSoft CEO

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“MedicaSoft is an innovative technology partner that services DHIN through a modern and highly flexible platform consisting of a central data repository, accompanying data services, and FHIR APIs by which connections are made between the data and applications using the data. DHIN leverages MedicaSoft’s personal health record as one such application and uses analytics tools and services provided through MedicaSoft to gain insights into the clinical and claims data in the CDR. Third party applications, such as a provider portal, access the same data through a FHIR API. DHIN’s recognition by the Delaware General Assembly as a model public-private partnership and a growing health information technology organization for the region is a testimonial to the tireless efforts of the DHIN staff and the strong partnership with our vendors, such as MedicaSoft.”
— Jan Lee, M.D., Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) CEO
“MedicaSoft’s solutions assist Oroville Hospital with the needed technology to support our clients with improved health outcomes by providing practical and useful information to our clinicians and patients. We offer MedicaSoft’s secure personal health record to our patients that is user-friendly and integrates easily with our existing technologies. This assists us in helping to manage and support our mission to provide best possible health and wellness opportunities. MedicaSoft provides vendor confidence to Oroville Hospital that is built upon a solid product offering that services our healthcare community.”
— Denise Lefevre, Oroville Hospital CIO



NXT® Platform

Connecting Data to Points of Care

NXT® modernizes managing and using your data.




EHR and Health Data Connector

ehr.NXT® makes clinicians more efficient. 




Supporting Wellness for All Ages

Your health and wellness is front and center with HC®.

EXPLORE HealthCenter®


HISP Services®

Securely Message Providers and Patients

Patients and clinicians connect with Direct Secure Messaging.