Better Data and Insights with NXT® 

NXT® is an open, standards-based platform that integrates health information from virtually any EHR or healthcare system into a single, HL7® FHIR®-based interoperable Universal Health Record. NXT® makes it easy to exchange and share data with providers, patients, and payers while enabling robust data analytics and population health insights. 


Patient data

Utilizes relevant patient data for superior clinical outcomes

Data INtegration

Creates seamless data integration supporting multiple providers and all EHRs

Support patient populations

Services and supports all patient populations for comprehensive public health monitoring

Interoperable platform

Delivers an open and interoperable platform using standards such as HL7® FHIR®


Provides a secure, accredited, HIPAA-compliant cloud-hosted environment

Clinical And CLAIMS Data

Utilizes clinical and claims data to support comprehensive use cases

Insightful & accessible data

Delivers insightful and accessible aggregated data to providers, patients, and payers to make sound clinical decisions